First dive


The first dive is the ideal formula to discover scuba diving. From 8 years old and without a medical certificate, come and learn scuba diving and enjoy an afternoon aboard Ulysse II.

First dive with Ulysse
First dive


Baptism takes place according to this scenario:

Meet at the club on the port of Madrague at 2 pm, welcome and information sheet

We distribute the equipment: 5 or 7 mm wetsuit, fins, mask, regulator, snorkel, vest and diving tank

Boarding Ulysses II and departure for the dive site: a sheltered cove or islet of the peninsula

Group briefing: an instructor prepares you for the activity and you will find all the answers to questions that may concern you…

The baptism itself: you are taken care of alone by an instructor, let’s go for 20 minutes of discovery

You then enjoy the rest of the afternoon, on the menu: swimming and sunbathing

Return to the club around 5 pm, you are given your first dive certificate.

Discovery Pack

Ulysse Plongée also offers another formula created by the French Scuba Diving Federation: the Discovery Pack. On the program: a baptism, then 2 dives. You can opt for the Discovery Pack after your baptism. During this pack you will learn the scuba diving basics.

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